Production, transfer, movement, distribution and promotion of goods and services.

This collective work inaugurates a new production within Experta editorial line. Without claiming to absolute thoroughness (impossible in the field of legal science, constantly evolving), this new treatise is willing to try and give readers a careful review of the arguments offered by the Italian law, even in the light of the many (and heavy) provisions and case law offered by the European Community. The authors hope that the considerations offered in this new treatise could be useful for jurists, and for those who are constantly searching for answers to questions supplied by the practice. The text is accompanied by recommendations taken from numerous references to case law; also doctrinal guidelines are given.

With contributions from Alberto Baratella, Maria Michela Chiarandini, Cristina De Marzi, Enzo Fogliani, Giovanni Rapisardi. The book inaugurates a new editorial line, LEX, NEW TREATISE OF CIVIL AND TRADE LAW directed by Andrea Sirotti Gaudenzi.

Chapters written by Alberto Baratella:

- BANK AND GRANT: INTERMEDIARY CONTRACTS: Leasing, Factoring, Trust, Financial Derivatives, on-line bank services

- THE COMPANY WARRANTIES: guarantees, exchange rate mortgage, letters of patronage

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ISBN: 9788860210845
Author: Andrea Sirotti Gaudenzi – with contributions from A. Baratella, M. Chiarandini, C. Marzi, E. Fogliani, G. Rapisardi
Publisher: Experta -

Size: 752 pages

Ventiquattrore Avvocato special edition: contracts - Trimesterial supplement of n. 9 - september 2007 edition of “Ventiquattrore Avvocato”.

Chapter “ Trust and banking operations “

The bank and its relationship with the trust. - Benefits related to the use of trusts in the event of the loan agreement. - Trust and bank account: operational aspects. - The trust as a mean of guarantee. - The juridical nature of the deeds within the trust. - The remedies regarding trusts.

Practical Treatise on Damages

The recent change of direction of the Court of Cassation concerning existential damage is the best confirmation that the institutions of civil liability and damages are going through a period of evolution in their interpretation.

This new treatise aims to illustrate the rules in force in operational issues - mainly procedural - analyzing in its first part the different types of damages: assets, moral, biological, existential, by loss of chance, punitive damages. In the second part the special figures of responsibility are illustrated: objective, minors and incapables, the employer. The third part concerns specific individual conducts and procedures for obtaining compensation.

Each case of damage is characterized by a precise explanation divided into:> type of wrongdoing, > burden of proof, > case law.

On Cd-Rom: Formulary, Complete Case law, Case law review.

The volume - 530 pages - addresses each topic in detail, bearing alphabetical index.

Chapters written by Alberto Baratella:

- Road traffic damages.

- The judge responsability.

- Defective products damages and product liability.

ISBN: 3914.5
Author: Andrea Sirotti Gaudenzi – with contributions from A. Baratella, D. Bianchi, R. Campisi, E. Dogheria, M. Tidona.
Publisher: Maggioli Editore - Novità ottobre 2007 -
Size: Pages 530 - cm. 17x24
Price: € 45,00